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if you want to contact me, please send me an email at
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My name is Shirl, and I make Soft Toys.

These "pets" are made in my spare time and each and every one is unique in character and are one of a kind, no-one will ever have the same "pet" as you!

Polar fleece and satin are dominant fabrics used to create these adorable little creatures. 

I NOW CAN ACCEPT DEBIT MASTERCARD AND VISA, AND CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS via Paypal Here,  Please contact me for details. 

The fabrics are cute, fun and totally unique - just let us know what colour scheme you like and we will endeavour to find a cute fabric to suit your needs.

  • Small Pets available are: Alpaca, Bulldog, Giraffe, Shark, Bear, Piglet, Camel, Hippo, Koala, Bunny, Monkey, Joey, Horse, Unicorn, Basset Hound, Goat, Crocodile, Cow, Lion, Gecko, Reindeer. Elephant - Sitting or Standing, Lamb, Platypus, Peacock,Turtle, Lamb, Dolphin, Cockatoo, Rhino, T-Rex, Party Animal, Owl, Peacock,Frog, Dog, Puppy, Daschund, Panda, Walrus, Tiger cub, Baby Polar Bear, Seals, Pig, Teddy on tummy, Sitting Teddy, Baby Giraffe and Baby Pony, Scotty Dog, Mini Schnauzer, Chihuahua, Pony, Kitty, Beagle, Dragon, Baby Bedtime Doll, Wombat, Loch Ness Monster. These are all AUD $35.00 except the Alpaca, Calf and Dog are AUD$45.00 because they are jointed

  • Large Pets available are: Giraffe, Hippo, Koala, Bunny, Joey, Dachshund, Calf, Monkey, Lion, Reindeer, Turtle, Horse/Unicorn, Cow, Hobby Horse (all AUD$60.00)

  • Giant size is only available in Giraffe, Horse/Unicorn, Turtle, Basset Hound, Elephant Puppy,  Bulldog and Monkey at present.  Due to excessive postage costs, I no longer send Giant size toys. It is strictly pick up only.         ( AUD$80.00, FUR Material AUD$100.00)

These little guys will warm the hearts of any child (or even adult, as I have sold many to the BIGGER kids!.)

I use safety eyes on all my fleece animals, and they are extremely difficult to remove if I get them in the wrong spot. I do not take any responsibility if your little one manages to get them off. If you have any doubt, please ask for the embroidered eyes that I use on the coral fleece animals.

If you have a special request, please contact me via email [email protected]